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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Green Really is Mainstream

Despite what you may have heard, there really isn't a holier-than-thou bone in my body.

I think it's great that it's "Green Week" on Live With Regis &Kelly. I was just.....surprised.

Surely I shouldn't be.

Earth Day is a-comin'.

It appears that ABC is with-the-program and they've been talking up Planet Earth recently.

Kelly and (guest co-host/hubby) Mark Consuelos are about my age. They're part of the mid-30s *cough* generation raised through the 1970s with the 3 Rs (reduce, re-use, recycle), School House Rock, and the oil crisis.

Anyway, though I rarely watch it, I caught some of it Monday and lo-and-behold Danny Seo was on promoting his terrific book "Simple Steps To A Greener Home" and very RG and simple steps.

You can buy the fantastic book here. Simple Steps to a Greener Home with Danny Seo

And you can check out all the offerings from Green Week at Live here.



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