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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Tumble and Twirl


It feels like I’ve waited my whole RG life to be able to compost! When they’re not otherwise razzing me about it, my family and friends smile indulgently as I wax rhapsodic about the seemingly endless kitchen leftovers I could compost if I “just had the space.” It may very well be the primary secret reason I sold the old place and moved just two miles down the road.

Sounds weird, I know, but it turns out to be an unquestionably RG activity (or obsession) with the new easy-to-use composters available.

This reasonably priced Tumbler Composter (click the picture above to see better images and details) makes the process neat and easy, even in a tiny townhouse backyard like mine.

No complaints from the neighbors about a compost pile – and no backbreaking pitchforking for me. It tumbles to mix!

I honestly can hardly wait until it arrives and I can add all the nutritious, degradable scaps I’ve been saving in the fridge! I literally danced around the house today when I found it – the solution to my suburban composting problem. Photos of my new toy will be posted, no doubt!


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