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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Big Yellow Taxi

Or Big Yellow Schoolbus, in this case.

From NPR:

Morning Edition June 6, 2006 · Exhaust from school buses can be harmful to students' health. Old diesel buses generate fumes that can trigger asthma attacks and other harmful health conditions. In Texas, environmentalists want the state to help pay for new low-exhaust equipment for the state's buses. It costs as much as $7,000 per bus, and school districts say they don't have the money. [For at least a little while you can listen to the whole story here ]

It’s clear that this isn’t exactly what Joni Mitchell had in mind when she wrote the song, but this Veggie Van School Bus movement sounds pretty cool. Of course, it features my favorite – BIODIESEL!! --- though not the reclaimed-cooking-oil-type of biodiesel that gets me all giddy. (Oh, the aroma of Munchkins from Dunks ....what a great tailpipe contribution to the neighborhood! My mouth waters just thinking about it.)

So, one can invite the Veggie Van to do a presentation at their school, as well as encourage their own school district to consider biodiesel for their entire yellow fleet. There are a ton of those old stinkpots on the road hauling around their precious cargo. There are newer models that burn cleaner and use a new type of diesel and, of course, the low-exhaust equipment discussed in the NPR story referenced above. Both changes, however, would seem to be a much more expensive conversion than the switch to biodiesel, which apparently doesn’t require any engine modification.

Imagine the difference that one person could make by introducing the idea to a school system. It would have a significantly bigger impact on the environment than just modifying their own car. And, there is a handy form on that Veggie Van site, too.


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