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Monday, June 12, 2006

Is there anybody out there?

As the Navy Brat and mainly California-raised daughter of a couple of relatively conservative New Englanders I have had my share of culturally confusing moments. My political proclivities have generally fallen to the right end of the spectrum. Others have sometimes pegged me as a "total libertarian." (My 80s-era CA self responds, "Totally! Dude?") But, the time for some self-reflection and clarification is nigh.

Acquaintances seem shocked (SHOCKED, I tell you!) to learn of my green-leaning. Closer friends have typically responded with a variation of "I always knew you were a tree-hugger." Of course, their tone of voice and the level of disgust varies. They can be forgiven for their surprise and/or disappointment: as a former card-carrying College Republican, I'm not your average "environmentalist." (I've learned that this term can be delivered as an intended insult, as well. Though my favorite "insult" -- and the one I have reclaimed as a badge of honor is "closet recycling-zealot.")

The surprise (to me) has been the number of pals who have been delighted! Or who have confessed their own unease with wastefulness and shoddy Earth stewardship.

It is for those friends -- and others like them who are more comfortable self-identifying as "concerned about" or "committed" to improving things one decision at a time -- that I write. This blog is for these Nader-intrigued Alex P. Keatons; and for those feeling-so-guilty-because-I-still-drive-an-SUV-because-it's-paid-for-and-isn't-it-more-wasteful-to-dispose-of-it-than-to-just-carpool-with-it Earth-In-the-Balance readers; and for the "I'd like to recycle more, but my town has abandoned the program"-folks who feel slightly nauseated every time they throw away an aluminum can. With you I can identify and I hope that you will find the information posted and discovered helpful and liberating.

Please! Let me know you're out there. Share your experiences and make yourselves known. I know that my friends and I are NOT alone. I believe that we CAN make a difference and still shop at the Gap (or Banana....depends on your job, I guess.)You're not a hypocrite if you do the best you can and keep striving to be better at living an environmentally responsible life. I think you're human and that you're.....REASONABLE.


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