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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Here Comes the Sun

Gull-Britt Rydell

Venture Gallery, Monterey, CA
Used with Permission

After days of gray skies and record-breaking rain on the East Coast, today has turned out to be sunny and beautiful. Alas, the rain will return shortly – we don't need it again so soon!

In various articles (we read them so you don’t have to!) debating the merits of organic versus local produce, the consensus appears to be that you’re better off choosing locally grown produce whenever possible, with the next best choice being organic.

The arguments take into account both nutrition and sustainability. Some of those organic grapes, tomatoes and strawberries available at your local Whole Foods have been shipped across the country – if not halfway around the world! The energy expended to transport them cancels out some of the environmental benefits of their earth-loving origins -- and the journey takes its toll on the nutritional value of the delicate produce.

Many stores are carrying more locally grown fruits and veggies, but nothing beats a farmers market for freshness, atmosphere and guilt-free shopping.

You can find local farmers markets using this USDA-provided index. Plus, if you know one that isn’t listed, you can submit the information to help lead folks to YOUR favorite.


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