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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Don't Throw Away Those Corks!

Someone will take them, recycle them, and help you feel better about how many you're popping! I've thought about composting them, but instead just find myself collecting them. (Read: slipping them in my pocket, grabbing them off counters, or saving them from kitchen trash cans a la George Costanza and the eclair, etc.)

I end up throwing them in containers around the house, much like I do with foam packing peanuts and bubble wrap.

Now I learn about THIS!
Known as ReCORK America, the program is focused on obtaining used and surplus corks from winery tasting rooms, bottling lines and quality assurance laboratories. In addition, collection locations are being established with key retailers and restaurants in larger metropolitan areas. A list of current collection locations is available on this Web site. It should be emphasized that only natural cork is being accepted. No plastic or metal closures please.

Because of natural cork’s ability to retain carbon dioxide (CO2) from its inception as a wine cork through its reuse as a recycled cork product, it is a perfect example of sustainable packaging. No other wine closure can make this claim.
Check it out yourself at the ReCORK America site.

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